How To Write A Bestseller – Seven Secrets You Need To Know

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Writing is a great skill a lot of authors actually possess, but writing a bestselling book will take much more than your talents or obvious writing skills. There are many talented authors who have died broke because they wrote and published millions of books that ended up as waste collections in the warehouse of their publishing firms.

No publisher can guarantee or help your book become a best seller if you fail to identify the secrets that can make your book a bestseller because there are several situations, world events and passing trends that will always affect the mindset or reading preferences of your target audience. If you want to make a fortune with your writing skills, then you need to master these seven tips that have been the major secrets of most successful bestselling authors.

Video Tip: (Barbara Taylor Bradford talks about her literary success and her secrets to writing a bestselling novel.)

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Here are the seven secrets you need to know to make your next book a bestseller.

#1: Know Your Readers
Many writers and authors often start writing a book project without having the reading audience in mind. This is one of the fastest ways to kill your writing career even before you get started – ask any failed author. You need to understand your reading audience and this is much more than – my writings appeal to the female or male folks like some authors often claim. You have to identify other factors like their age groups, occupation, marital status, location, what they do for a living, reading preferences, favorite hangouts and lot more.

I’ll advise that you create a detailed profile of your targeted reading audience which should include these details so you can incorporate some of these elements into your book as you develop it. This information also becomes useful when you start to explore the marketing opportunities for your books when you eventually publish them.

#2: Understand The Market

You need to know and understand the market trends for the type of book you’re writing and learn to take advantage of it. Are there any needs waiting to be met in these markets? Can you position your book to take advantage of an emerging trend or topic making the whole headlines? Is there a future market for these topics? Is there any particular way you’ll need to package your book to make it attractive? You need to find the answers to these questions before you write that bestselling book.

#3: Know Your Competition

You need to know how the books written by other authors within your categories are faring in the marketplace. Look out for similar books related to the book you’ll like to write and if you’re yet to read them, please do.
How were they they received in the market? What did they do right to aid their success and where did they go wrong if they failed? Competition in the marketplace for authors is never a problem because people will always buy one or two books in the same market.

Read all the books written by authors within your niche market and do the same things they did to make their books a success. Don’t copy their works because it’s a wrong thing to do and you’ll never get away with it, however, you can write with a different perspective by giving a different angle to the discussion.

#4: Always Stay Current

To become a bestselling author, you need to stay abreast of the happenings within your industry. Identify the hot buttons in your industry and always try to discover what the readers want. There are various traditional and innovative channels available to you today where you can get these details. You can run a survey on your website or simply use platforms like to find vital information from your market like what people want, the next big thing they are looking out for and many more!

#5: Follow The Media

You need to pay attention to the media if you’re not doing that currently. Always try to read beyond the headlines and follow global trends too because they always have a way of even affecting local trends if your target market is 100% local.
Learn to read wide and spot out trends in the coverage of the news. Do a comparative review at all times too.

#6: Build Your Brand And Stay in The News

You need to start listening, teaching and talking because this has proven to be one of the best ways you can always hook up with your audience. Never turn down teaching or speaking engagements because aside the free publicity you will always get, you’ll learn a great deal from your interactions with the crowd that can give you new insights as you write your next book.

#7: Timing is Very Important
Never joke or mess around with the timings for your work. Always learn to take advantage of the timings and upcoming events to release or publish your work.

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