How To Publish A Magazine Online

publish your own magazine on the internet

Learning how to self-publish a magazine online is a lot easier than many people might think. With the internet publishing is something that anyone can do. However if you want to be successful it’s going to take more than simply publishing, it’s going to take learning about how to create an online magazine that people will want to read. While the internet provides an enormous opportunity for you as a self publisher, it also presents a huge amount of competition. In order to be successful you need to create a unique and interesting online magazine that stands out from the crowd. You also need to find ways to promote your online magazine so that you can attract your audience.

1. Choose Your Subject

The first thing you need to determine when you want to self publish an online magazine is what type of magazine it’s going to be. You need to choose your subject matter and make sure that it is the right subject matter. This means that you need to create a magazine that you are passionate about, and that you feel confident in your abilities as a writer to create frequently updated content about. It’s very important that you try to limit your online magazine to a particular subject matter. The reason for this is simple, you want to build up your reputation with your audience so that they identify you as an authority in your genre. If you have a magazine that jumps around to different subjects you won’t be able to build trust with your audience, which means that you will likely fail.

2. Establish your Online Presence

After you have decided on your subject matter you need to buy a domain name, and pay for web hosting. While there are free options available to you it’s always best to own your own domain name. Owning your own domain name gives you complete creative control over your online magazine, which is important. When selecting a domain name make sure that you choose one that will be easy to remember, and one that will make people instantly think of your online magazine. When choosing a web hosting provider make sure that they offer a free website builder, and that they have the features that you want. The great thing about web hosting companies is that there are a seemingly endless number of them so that you can pick and choose between them.

3. Build Your Website

Once you have dealt with purchasing your domain name and web hosting you can start to build your online magazine. One thing to keep in mind is that the appearance of your magazine is just as important, if not more important than the content. While the website builders that is offered by most web hosting companies have great features, they may not be enough. If you want to truly stand out and make an impact you may have to spend the money on a professional graphic designer. If this is an area that you have talent in then this won’t be an issue. However if you don’t have a great flare for design then you are probably best off hiring a professional.

4. Promote

So now you have your online magazine up and running, it looks great, it has great content, but you don’t have a big audience yet. The question of what to do next has probably popped into your head. Well now you need to promote your online magazine. The great news here is that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank paying for advertising. If you have a social media account, and contacts, then use this as a platform to promote your online magazine. Send links out to friends, who in turn can send them out to other friends, and in no time at all you should see a big spike in the visitors to your site.

5. Enjoy the Experience

Starting and self publishing an online magazine can be an amazing and exciting experience. It can offer you the opportunity to express yourself creatively and make our place in the online world. However without proper planning and execution all of the passion in the world won’t mean anything. By having a solid plan in place and working hard you can successfully launch an online magazine.

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