Self Publishing Site – An Honest and Comprehensive Review review

Every writer aims to become published one way or another, which is something that can happen one of two ways. Either they sell their work to a publishing house or take steps to publish it on their own.

While it would be ideal to have an established publishing company behind your book, it does not always happen especially for first time writers. Self publishing is all the rage these days as more and more writers are finding that they want to reach out to readers and an entire market in any way they could. is a self publishing site that allows writers to create their own book and get it ready for sale on various online stores. For those who are looking to become published and finally have the chance to let the rest of the world know about their writing, might very well be the perfect vehicle.

Main Features and Benefits

User Friendly Platform is designed specifically for hassle-free navigation so that every writer can set up his/her book and get it ready for sale without having to spend hours figuring out what to do.

The platform comes with step-by-step guidelines from uploading the manuscript all the way to choosing a cover and setting the price. What ever Lulu user needs is a completed manuscript in PDF form and the rest is basically just checking off boxes.

Access to Comprehensive Professional Publishing Tools

Behind every successful writer is a competent editor, which is something that Lulu members also have through the professional publishing services.

Apart from the editing service, authors also have the option of hiring experts to help them with the book cover (design and/or illustration), marketing, and even promotions.

Just as established authors have book agents and an entire marketing team dedicated to finding the best ways to sell the book, Lulu authors also get all the help they need in order to get their book on the shelves, whether online or in physical bookstores.

Various Publishing Packages to Choose From

Each author have his/her own set of needs and Lulu cleverly anticipates for each one. The website offers three different publishing services packages, each of which is designed to make things easier for writers to get their work ready for sale and distribution.

Common features across all packages include (but not limited to) the following:

  • One-on-one author support
  • Global Reach Distribution- This allows for widespread distribution of the book in many countries
  • ISBN designation
  • Custom cover and personalized back cover- Authors can choose their photos for the back cover or jacket*Paperback copies
  • Multi-format editions (Nook, Kindle, iPad, iPhones, GooglePlay, etc)
  • Complimentary author copy
  • Paperback Books availability

The entry level package is the Classic/Classic Color which costs $999/$1199, but authors can also go for higher-end packages (Debut/Inspired Color, and Blitz/Artful Color), that cost $1999/$2199 and $2999/$3199 respectively. While the Classic package costs a lot less money, the other two packages offer more features and services such as:

  • Google and Amazon Search Program- This allows for the author’s work to be searchable via Google and Amazon keywords.
  • Editorial review
  • Promotional materials (available only with the Blitz/Artful Color package)

Who is For?[responsive]thoughtful-woman-writing-in-bed[/responsive] is for anyone who wishes to publish their work independently, with a real chance to actually make decent sales and create a fan-base.

It is ideal for previously unpublished authors who are having a hard time breaking through the market. It is common knowledge that a lot of talented writers do not necessarily get their work in the market due to lack of publisher interest.

Using Lulu makes it easier to introduce readers to your writing, sans the exorbitant cost and the usual road blocks that writers have to deal with when trying to get published for the first time.

Verdict and Recommendation Self Publishing website is an effective tool for writers who are ready to take the next step in the creative process, which is getting people to read their work.

By all accounts, Lulu is a publishing platform that is not only easy to use but also cost effective. The packages offered provide practically everything an author needs to publish his work, including services that one can expect from well known publishing houses that work with established authors.

This website might very well be the first step towards becoming a mainstream author without having to go through the usual hassle of peddling one’s work to publishing companies.

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