sea giraffe magazine

We are a collection of bloggers that come from various backgrounds related to the industry. We are friends and working professionals that are here to offer our insight in a manner that’s honest, thoughtful and engaging. We have a passion for the publishing industry and love to share our knowledge and experience with those looking to enter into the field.

Our goal is to act as your eyes and ears behind the publishing industry. For so long this information has only been available to the field’s big wigs and those with either enough money or time to dedicate their every waking hour to writing and trying to have that work seen by an agent or publisher.

The reality is most of us have real lives, we have families, we have jobs, we can’t spend years as a starving artist just on the hopes that we get our manuscripts in the right hands. So often working adults, people with families and those living outside of a major city have been shut out of the process.

We are here for those people. We are here for the everyday individual that has a great idea for a book or magazine and simply need resources and to someone to answer questions to help them along the way.We are just like you and we are here to find those answers.