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We will profile some of the biggest names in the industry. We will highlight people related to the online publishing field: authors, marketing professionals, illustrators, editors, book printing services, etc and identify the names you need to know. We will invite guest bloggers to offer tips from their own experiences and information regarding changes in the industry,


We will showcase the best tools and software as it pertains to the industry. We will provide you with fresh writing and publishing tips. You will find reviews on these products and information to help you invest in only the best products to assist you in the writing process and developing online marketing tools to promote your work. You will learn what publishers are looking for and how to tailor your work to meet these needs and ensure a smooth submission process to successfully getting published. We will provide with writing tips a lists of key terms to be aware of, when discussing work, hiring and growing your team (editors, illustrators, assistants, etc), reviewing contracts and negotiating deals.


We will provide information regarding where to send manuscripts when preparing to submit to a publisher. Where to locate professionals that might needed through the writing process and when your work is ready for release. If your site will be available exclusively online or through apps, where to locate designers and developers. Where to promote work whether it be online (social media networks, blogs, forums, etc) or at networking events, trade shows and book release events.


You will learn how to apply the information learned. How to hire contractors and outsource work. How to locate and hire a literary agent when applicable. How to self-publish or how to publish through a traditional publisher. How to create and stick to a writing schedule and develop a writing style. How to utilize social media to network and promote your work. How to establish an online presence with a website. How to set up signings, library and store readings or book release events.

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